Beginning her yogic journey in 1994, Beth danced with the motions of life, finding much of her physical asana practice in her own home.   Her daily home practice grew consistent when inner ear issues began causing balance problems.  This invaluable time helped her stay relaxed as she balanced home and work life.  Listening to encouraging words and loving intuition, Beth organically found herself completing her 200 hour training certification from Sri Yoga Center in Dayton in December 2010.

Drawn towards a flowing vinyasa practice, Beth loves movement and music.  A lover of backbends and handstands, you might find her upside down, encouraging you to see life from a different perspective.

When Beth is not teaching yoga, she joyfully shows up as an Intervention Specialist. She thrives with her three divine daughters and houseful of pets, grateful for the love and wisdom constantly being shown through everyday life.